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Q: How does the selection process work and what are the (approximate) timelines?

  • Your application, including reference letters, must be received by WRF via Embark no later than end of day on Sunday, July 16, 2017.
  • The selection committee will review all applications and choose applicants to interview via videoconference. All applicants will be notified on or before August 31, 2017 whether or not they will be interviewed.
  • Video interviews will take place from late-August to early-October 2017 to choose finalists for an onsite interview.
  • All finalists will be notified in late-October 2017 whether or not they will be invited for an onsite interview.
  • Onsite interviews will be completed in November 2017 and final selections will be made shortly after. All finalists will be notified in December 2017 whether or not they will receive a WRF Postdoctoral Fellowship.


Q: Who is eligible to apply?

  • You must be an American citizen or permanent resident (Green Card holder). Documentation of the right to work will be required if you are selected for an interview.
  • Preference will be given to applicants receiving their PhDs in calendar year 2017.
  • Fellows must be ready to start their WRF Postdoctoral Fellowship in calendar year 2018.

Q: Can I still apply if I earned my PhD before 2017?

  • Yes, although preference will be given to those who have earned their PhDs in 2017.

Q: Can I apply this year if I won’t be ready to start my Fellowship until after 2018?

  • No.

Q: When do I need to be able to start my WRF Postdoctoral Fellowship?

  • You must be able to start in calendar year 2018.

General Application

Q: I am having problems with the online application. Who can help me with that?

  • Please contact Embark through the Help link at the bottom of the application page.

Q: Why do you require a start date in 2018?

  • WRF will be providing training and networking to each cohort of Postdoctoral Fellows. In order to foster collaboration and a sense of community, it is important to have a defined start time.

Q: Why are you asking about my ethnic background and gender?

  • WRF wants its candidate pool to be inclusive in this and future years. The demographic data will not be viewed by the selection committee in the initial screening process.

Uploading Documents

Q: I have several publications that I would like to attach to my online submission. How do I upload multiple documents?

  • The application allows multiple uploads by clicking the “Add Publication” button. If you experience difficulties, please contact Embark through the Help link at the bottom of the application page.

Q: If I upload my graduate school transcript, it won’t be “official.” Do I need to have my school send you a sealed hard copy?

  • If chosen for an interview, you will be asked to provide us with an official transcript.

Essay Questions

Q: If I go over the word limit on my essays, will they be nullified?

  • The word limits (where stated) are strict in all sections. Exceeding the word limit in any section will prohibit the submission of your application. You will receive a prompt asking you to go back and amend the word limit if necessary.

Q: What is WRF looking for in the personal essays?

  • We want to understand the drivers for your interest in science and what you hope to accomplish, meaningful experiences and work (volunteer or paid) that have shaped your career path, and any additional information that you think is helpful or important for us to know in support of your application.

Recommender Questions

Q: Can I submit more than five recommenders electronically?

  • No.

Q: Will recommendations be accepted after the deadline?

  • This is unlikely, and only if you have received written permission in advance from WRF.

Deferrals/Other awards

Q: If I am awarded a WRF Postdoctoral Fellowship alongside another fellowship, scholarship or grant, do I need to turn it down in order to accept the WRF Fellowship?

  • No.

Q: Can I defer current departmental funding and apply for a WRF Postdoctoral Fellowship?

  • Yes.

Note: WRF reserves the right to change this schedule as needed.