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Maximizing the Value of Technology

Washington Research Foundation is one of the most successful technology transfer groups in the country.

Since 1981, we have commercialized valuable biomedical and engineering technologies from the University of Washington and other research institutions in Washington state. To date, our execution of more than 110 licenses has earned over $440 million for the University of Washington.

We are active in seeking, evaluating, commercializing and protecting technology. Our experienced team triages prospective licensing opportunities based on technical strength, market need and intellectual property criteria. Working with counsel, we secure intellectual property protection and determine the optimal licensing strategy. Our unique resources allow us significant flexibility in our approach to negotiating licensing agreements with startups and established businesses.

We have a long-term perspective. While some technologies are ready to commercialize, many others need significant development or time for the market to evolve before licensing can begin. We have both the vision and the means to protect and nurture technology to the point of being ready for commerce. Our long-term perspective and resources allow us to maximize licensing value.

Our team diligently tracks product development and sales relating to licensed technologies, helping to ensure accurate royalty payments from licensees. We are proactive in identifying infringement of the intellectual property rights that we manage, and we vigorously defend these rights on behalf of the technologies’ inventors and originating institutions.

We use our share of licensing income to support research, scholarship and recruitment at universities and other organizations in Washington state.

Our long-standing alliances with technology transfer offices and industry have allowed us to achieve success, benefiting our client research institutions and the inventors.

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For additional information about our licensing program, please contact:

Beth Etscheid, Ph.D.
Director of Licensing
Washington Research Foundation
(206) 336-5600